When should you use email list cleaning service?

  • Using old email databases that include invalid, non-existent, duplicates or generated emails.
  • Have procured mailing lists from an email data vendor.
  • Need to generate and maintain clean email databases to further sell to clients.
  • Keep email lists fresh and accurate for better campaign results.
  • Using bulk emailing to clean large email lists, which will never work.
  • Reduced cost, manpower and time in processing large email lists.
  • You cannot risk your email service provider (ESP) accounts such as Sendgrid, AWS SES, Mailchimp by producing high bounce rates.

What are the benefits of using list cleaning services?


Fewer bounces generated from cleaned list


Your campaign achieves better email opens & clicks rates


You get fewer spam complaints from recipients


Reduce your emailing costs

Advantages of email list cleaning online using Bouncify

Easy to Use App

Bouncify is an online email list cleaning tool which can be accessed from any browser, including mobile browsers. You can signup and start email list validation & cleaning within minutes. No need to download or install any software.

High Accuracy

Along with advanced email validation & email verification checks, our list cleaning services process includes manual human review as well that enhances your overall mailing list clean up result accuracy.

Reliable Service

Our email list cleaning and validation service is online all the time. Our entire technology stack is hosted in one of the world’s leading cloud hosting services. Check our service status.

Data Security

Your data is very secure with us. Enterprise level security is implemented across the data warehouse and being monitored continuously.

Better Customer Support

Have a question about bulk email list cleaning or about our email list cleaning tool then we are there to help. You can either catch us on Live chat, open a ticket, or talk to us over the phone and we will assist you to clean up mailing lists.

Better Pricing

Bouncify email list address cleaning comes with simple pay-as-you-go pricing. We offer a staggering discount for all the plans, meaning the larger the plan you buy you get a cheaper email list cleaning and validation service.

How much does an email list cleaning service cost you?

As a leading email list cleaning service provider, we bring you a world class service build right here in India. Keeping in mind the needs of small businesses as well as large teams, we have priced our email list clean up service. You can select a plan that suits your company’s mailing list cleaning services requirement.

It’s easy and quick to sign up and start using our email list clean up service. You get 200 FREE verifications on signup.

We provide all the online payment methods to help you get email list cleaning service immediately. To make payment you can use credit/ debit cards, online bank transfer, UPI or even NEFT, and cheques. For users outside India, can make payment using a credit card via PayPal.

  • ○ Easy, accurate & reliable to clean email lists
  • ○ Access anywhere - desktop as well as mobile
  • ○ Discounted plans
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Email marketers across US, UK & Europe use our email list cleaning service to reduce bounce rates

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